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Sedos is a group of London professionals with a passion for the theatre. Spanning a range of ages, backgrounds, professions and personalities, our members enjoy a vibrant and varied Sedos life both on and off stage.


Whether you’re a singer, a dancer, an actor or all three, there are plentiful opportunities to tread the boards at several of London’s best fringe venues. We present a varied season every year, with large-scale musicals, cabarets, modern and classical dramas and new writing.

Sedos members are entitled to audition for all Sedos shows for free.

Backstage and Production

We always strive for a professional standard, both on stage and behind. Sedos offers the chance to broaden your skills in lighting, sound design, set design, marketing, costumes, crewing and a host of other non-performance skill.

Our production teams are also Sedos members as are most of our backstage crews.


“They come for the shows, they stay for the socials!” We put together regular and varied social events for our members, with cultured nights out at the theatre, regular play-readings and less cultured wine-fuelled Pub quizzes and Karaoke nights.


To make sure our members stay at the top of their game, we regularly offer professional-standard performance workshops to improve their skills across the board.

Member Benefits

  • Reduced ticket prices on all Sedos shows
  • Reduced rate for Sedance
  • No fees to audition for shows
  • Members events

In addition, Members have the right to stand for election to the Committee and to vote at General Meetings.

Membership Fees

Membership fees are £30 a year if a recurring payment is setup, £35 otherwise.

Sedos Membership Application

For more information about joining email

Please note, if you are not already a Sedos member and you are cast in a show you must become a Sedos member at or before the first rehearsal of a production. You must be a member of Sedos for the entire rehearsal period and performance dates.

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